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Medication 101: The Right Dose at the Right Time
By Shawn Nairn

Shawn Nairn

Did you know that it's estimated that 10% of hospital admissions and 23% of nursing home admissions are due to medication non-adherence? Skipping a dose, taking a medication at the wrong time, taking the wrong dose, stopping the medication or not filling a prescription are all considered forms of non-adherence.

The ramifications of this behavior not only affects individuals but leads to national health problems as well as financial concerns. According to the World Health Organization, over 50% of patients with chronic diseases do not take their medications as prescribed and more than $290 billion dollars in medical expenses are generated each year due to poor adherence. The significance of this issue led Hometown Pharmacy to introduce RxMap to the Pittsburgh region.

RxMap is a medication adherence program that helps people who take multiple prescriptions stay compliant and ensures that the right dose is taken at the right time. Instead of opening pill bottles each day or filling a pill box each week, this packaging system provides a specially labeled medication card and delivers it free to the person's home every month. Each dose is sealed into a perforated pill cup that can remain in the medication card or can be taken out for travel purposes. The customizable RxMap medication card includes all the prescriptions, vitamins and supplements for each month.

The RxMap program also provides relief for family members and caregivers when they are taking care of their loved ones. This program is helpful for seniors, children with special needs, transplant patients, head trauma patients or other individuals with medical needs.

Medication adherence can help people avoid unnecessary admissions to a hospital or a nursing home. Keeping a person healthy and independent in their own home can be beneficial as well as cost effective. If you or a family member would like to see if you can qualify as an RxMap candidate, please contact the pharmacy.

Shawn Nairn is Partner and Owner of Hometown Pharmacy, which has 5 retail locations in the Pittsburgh area. RxMap® multi-med adherence cards are manufactured by MTS Medication Technologies. For more information about RxMap, call Hometown Pharmacy at (412) 539-1331 or visit www.hometownpharmacy.biz or www.myrxmap.com.

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