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Good Advice for Families In Need of Long Term Care for Older Adults

How does one know what to choose?

As western Pennsylvania's largest provider of care and services to older adults, Presbyterian SeniorCare encourages individuals of families in need of long-term care to visit the various care communities and to ask questions. "It is difficult enough to accept that a family member needs to have additional care, and sorting through the different options often adds to the emotions," said Pat Kornick, spokeswoman for Presbyterian SeniorCare. "People certainly can and should obtain general information by visiting a web site or calling the care community, but nothing replaces a personal visit. A personal visit not only will enable them to see the overall appearance of a care community, but get a feel for how engaged residents are and how the staff interacts with residents and families."

When visiting, Kornick suggests individuals ask the following:

  • Does the staff show an interest and address residents by name?
  • Are staff members respectful toward residents, as well as one another?
  • How much choice do the residents have in planning their day?
  • What happens if a resident's financial resources are depleted?
  • What recreational services are available?
  • Are there social workers and pastoral care representatives on staff?
  • Is visitation restricted?
  • Are pets allowed?
  • What is the staff-to-resident ratio?
  • As care needs increase, can they be addressed on site or will residents have to go elsewhere?
  • Is there a volunteer program?
  • What accreditation and certifications does the care community have?

"Presbyterian SeniorCare has been providing care and services for more than 82 years," Kornick said. "Based on our experience, those are some of the basic questions that can at least assist individuals." Kornick adds that Presbyterian SeniorCare also offers a variety of complimentary presentations for social, civic and business groups.

For additional information, visit www.SrCare.org or call 412-826-6083

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