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Choosing an Apartment
Staying independent: is supportive housing for you?

You have made the decision to move out of your home into a smaller, yet comfortable apartment that you can more easily manage on your own - where do you start looking?

Select a location that fits your lifestyle: There are plenty of location options in senior housing. Some are in the heart of the City offering easy access to bus lines, as well as amenities within walking distance. Others are in more suburban locations away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

While the exteriors look similar, it is important to know that not all apartment buildings are alike. Are you looking for somewhere that you may age in place, somewhere that assists you as your needs change?

If so, "supportive" housing for older adults is an excellent option to stay in your new apartment for as long as possible. Generally, to qualify for supportive housing, there are requirements based on age and income. Be sure to research the requirements before you begin the application process.

Search for wraparound services: Simply stated, as your needs change, services are available to help you. Some buildings have Service Coordinators who go above and beyond to ensure your wellness, safety and comfort. Service Coordinators will sit down with you, help to assess your needs, and monitor and schedule services as you need them.

Ask what amenities are offered: Look for housing communities that offer onsite laundry facilities, fully equipped kitchens and the majority of utilities included in the rent.

Consider personal comfort and safety: If you are active and plan to be in and out of the building, check to see if the building has parking and a secure entrance. If you have a pet, be sure to ask if you may bring them and if the size of the animal is restricted.

There are many things to consider. If you are looking for a senior living community that offers extra wraparound services, consider "supportive" housing for all of your needs.

SeniorCare Network, a Presbyterian SeniorCare Network affiliate, offers supportive and affordable housing to qualifying seniors. For more information call 412-435-8969 or visit www.SrCareNetwork.org.

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