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At Greenery Center for Rehab and Nursing, Rehab is State-of-the Art
By Nancy Kennedy

At the Greenery Center for Rehab and Nursing in Canonsburg, restoring broken, injured and weakened bodies to an improved state of health and functioning is a priority. Rehab services are provided seven days a week and take many forms at the recently remodeled Greenery Center, where patients come for specialized and highly effective programs in pulmonary rehab, cardiac rehab and orthopedic rehab. The Greenery’s rehab programs are designed to help people recover following injury, illness, or surgery, or to help those with chronic conditions that sap their strength and make the performance of daily activities a challenge. With 80 of 140 beds devoted to rehab patients, The Greenery has developed a state-of-the-art rehab service that offers three spacious, fully-equipped rehab therapy gyms, an Activities of Daily Living Kitchen for practicing newly acquired skills, and other amenities. A new, 26-bed short term rehab unit is being developed and will give patients a more private, individualized experience.

The Greenery’s rehab team is composed of educated, experienced and skilled healthcare professionals and includes physical therapists, pulmonary-trained nurses, occupational therapists, speech therapists, dieticians and a physiatrist physician. Pulmonary rehab serves those with lung diseases, such as chronic obstructive lung disease (COPD), emphysema, asthma, lung cancer and bronchitis. Pulmonary function testing determines the patient’s lung capacities and is used to monitor progress as the patient carries out an individually-designed program of exercises and interventions. Pulmonary rehab goes beyond the lungs and typically includes exercise and therapy for the entire body, because lung function improves with increased overall muscle tone, endurance and strength. Attention is also given to healthy eating and lifestyle modifications.

Another rehab specialty at The Greenery is cardiac rehab, for people with conditions including congestive heart failure, heart attacks and debilitation following cardiac surgery. Cardiac rehab includes gentle, progressive exercise as tolerated, with monitoring of heart function and vital signs.

Orthopedic rehab helps patients who are recovering from joint replacement surgery, including hip, knee and shoulder replacement; those who have suffered orthopedic injuries due to falls, accidents and over exertion; and people with arthritis and other conditions that limit mobility and independence.

Catherine Reihner is a former patient of The Greenery Center who has a unique perspective on the facility: she has been both a patient and an employee there. Mrs. Reihner, who has COPD and is retired, began her employment as a nursing aide at The Greenery in 1985, when patients with head injuries were a clinical focus. She went back to school and went on to become an LPN, continuing to work at The Greenery Center until 2002. “I worked at The Greenery for such a long time because the care was excellent. We had a great team of nurses and our respiratory and physical therapists were the best. We were like a family, with everyone so devoted to the patients and to giving them the best possible care. In the late 90’s we began taking the patients with trachs and ventilators, and they too received excellent care.”

Mrs. Reihner experienced that level of care from “the other side of the bed” when she was herself admitted to The Greenery for rehab. “The staff was very good to me and most of them did not even know I had once worked there. I benefitted greatly from the rehab program, and I would recommend The Greenery to anyone.”

The Greenery has new owners, Mendel Brecher and Ernest Schlesinger, who have been renovating the facility inside and out, as well as expanding and restructuring the clinical programs. The Greenery now offers short term rehab, long term care, and palliative care and respite care admissions. An interdisciplinary staff provides a range of services: skilled nursing, including the care of medically complex patients; pulmonary rehab; diabetes management; IV therapy and enteral feedings; physical, speech and occupational therapy; wound care; peritoneal dialysis; and care of ventilator patients. Through a new partnership with Telemedicine Services, The Greenery is able to provide physician coverage 24/7, using Skype-like electronics to bring a physician to the bedside during off-hours in the event of a complication or emergency.

The Greenery Center is located right next door to Canonsburg Hospital, which is part of the Allegheny Health Network. Admissions are accepted 24/7, including direct admissions from the Emergency Room.

For more information, visit the web site www.greenerycenter.com or call (724)-745-8000.  

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