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Progressive Dental Solutions Adds New Dentist, Remains Patient-Focused
By Vanessa Orr

Progressive Dental Solutions, located in McMurray, PA, has been in business for almost 40 years, but lately, returning patients have been seeing a new face. Ryan Zelder, DDS, recently joined the practice, which offers general dental services as well as implant placement and restoration, root canal treatment, laser frenectomy and more.

A graduate of West Virginia University’s undergraduate program and dental school, Dr. Zelder is pleased to be returning to his roots.

“I’m originally from South Park, so it makes me happy to come back home to take care of patients in my hometown,” he said.

Dr. Zelder became interested in dentistry while working in the clinical laboratory. He realized he enjoyed caring directly for patients and seeing how his work could change lives.

“Dentistry is the perfect mix of art and science, and I like working with my hands,” he explained. “I also like that what we do is customized for each patient, so you can see how your work makes a difference.”  

After dental school, Dr. Zelder took part in a general practice residency, where he worked with hospital-based patients providing extractions and oral surgery procedures. When he found out about an opening at Progressive Dental Solutions from a former classmate who had worked there before moving to Colorado, he thought it would be a perfect fit.

“I’m very quick to develop relationships with patients and to make them feel comfortable, and Progressive Dental has the same qualities,” he explained.

Edward Minaya, director of operations, agreed.

“We treat every patient like family,” he said. “Some of our staff have been here more than 20 years, and patients have been coming here for so long that it feels like home.”

Minaya adds that with Dr. Zelder joining the staff, patients will also continue to feel comfortable if they have any questions or concerns.

“Dr. Zelder is very friendly and very patient-focused. People love him,” he said. “He takes the time to sit down with each patient and explains things in detail. He provides a lot of information—he doesn’t just say, ‘You need a crown,’ but explains why you need a crown. That adds to the patient’s level of comfort.”

“I really enjoy taking my time with patients because I want to make sure that they know what’s going on,” said Zelder. “Having the right information is better for their health. Even if it puts me a little behind, I feel that my patients deserve my time.”

Progressive Dental Solutions also has their patients in mind when it comes to the equipment they use. Digital X-rays use 80 percent less radiation while providing significantly greater diagnostic detail, and intra-oral cameras make it easy for patients to see their oral exams with 75 times the magnification on a computer screen. Cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) provides panoramic images of teeth and jaws as well as 3D images of the temporomandibular joints, sinuses and airways for better and more detailed diagnoses and patient education. This technology is also used to help guide proper placement of implants into the jawbone.

“A lot of offices have started sending their patients to us for cone beam computed tomography, because it is less expensive here than having the same procedure done in a hospital,” said Minaya.

Progressive Dental Solutions is located at 3055 Washington Road, Ste. 303 in McMurray. The office is open until 8 p.m. on Mondays and will start adding Saturday service a couple of times a month later this year. For more information, visit www.ProgressiveDentalSolutions.com or call (724) 942-5630.

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