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A new pair of shoes can change your life. Just ask Bonnie.

When Bonnie was just five years old, she was involved in a car accident that caused a severe brain injury and left her physically disabled.  After intense therapy, she regained her ability to walk with the assistance of a leg brace. But as she aged, walking became more difficult.  "My feet would drag and everyone had to wait for me," says Bonnie. "My brace and shoes were so heavy. I was afraid of falling."

Last summer, Bonnie learned about Senior LIFE from her cousin, who works for Senior LIFE as an outreach coordinator. Senior LIFE is a long-term care Medicare and Medicaid-funded program that provides coordinated medical, home care, meals and transportation services at no cost for eligible seniors so that they can remain living in their home.

Hopeful that Senior LIFE could help her, Bonnie became a member in September of 2016. Her goal was simple – walk better and make more friends.

 "When Bonnie first joined Senior LIFE, she was weighed down by her brace," says Richard Kruczek, Senior LIFE Executive Director. "The challenge of walking far distances fatigued her and she required frequent rest periods."

Bonnie began coming to the Senior LIFE center where she received customized physical therapy to strengthen her muscles and improve her gait. "Her posture and strength began to improve as she participated in therapy," said Kruczek.  While at the center, Bonnie also enjoyed the meals, entertainment and recreation and began to socialize and make new friends. 

With her improved strength and mobility combined with her steadfast determination, Bonnie was fitted with a new lightweight brace with a double-action joint that helped improve her range of motion and provided her with more stability.  Confidently, and less than two months after joining Senior LIFE, Bonnie strode into the Senior LIFE Center and in front of staff, fellow members and her family she proudly displayed her new brace and announced to everyone, "I got pretty new sneakers."

Bonnie now enjoys getting around more with less effort and boasts a new found confidence. "I don't go slow anymore or slow anyone else down. Best of all, I am finally able to wear pretty shoes!"

For more information on Senior LIFE call 1-877-998-LIFE (5433) or visit us online at SeniorLifePA.com

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