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Help Your Child Improve Their Grades this Summer and Strengthen Study Skills

Summer is here and our kids are out of school.  What is your plan for the summer? Many families start out strong and then “the plan” fades into summer activities. But a few quick changes and your average to above average kids  can turn summer into a productive and fun time.  It’s all about scheduling and presentation.

Step 1. Buy grade appropriate materials at a bookstore, Walmart, or teacher supply store. Look for both a math and reading program that has a building component (drill and repetition).  For a strong student, find work which reflects the new grade level.  If your student has an average foundation, look for work which will continue to reinforce the completed grade.  (Avoid “bridge books” - these are books which present skills in a random order and don’t always build skill through drill and repetition)

Step 2.  Sit your kid(s) down and let them know the new plan.  Every morning, immediately after breakfast, everyone will have 20 minutes of strength training for their brain.

Step 3.  As soon as breakfast is finished, have a page of math and reading for each child to complete. I recommend having 10 - 15 minutes of work in both areas, along with pencils, paper and a dictionary close at hand.  Technological devices out of reach… I promise they will survive!
For younger students:    mazes, cutting out shapes, and forming words using index cards with letters, ie:  man, cat, pig.  Show them word patterns by placing other letters on top of the primary sound to create many new words – man, ban, can, fan, pan, ran, tan, and van.  Math can be simply writing numbers and reviewing basic math facts.

If your child experienced difficulty and frustration this school year, summer can still be a productive time. With help from our experienced teaching staff, you can change the upcoming school year and prepare your kids for the challenging work ahead.  At Huntington, your child can succeed!

And for you high schoolers, don’t forget, we help strengthen study skills and offer prep for ACT/SAT, ASVAB and Keystones.

To learn more about how Huntington Learning Center can help your child this summer,
call 1.800.CAN.LEARN. 

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