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May I Help You?
By Franco Insana

Franco Insana

A young man arrived at our Center for Compassionate Care inpatient unit in Mt. Lebanon recently, requesting a tour. As one of Western Pennsylvania's most respected hospice inpatient centers, we often have family members come in and ask to be shown around as they contemplate the needs of an ill loved one.

The visitor was immediately met by a member of our management team. He explained that his wife, just 36 years old, had been referred to our inpatient center in light of her brain cancer diagnosis. Knowing that after a mere nine years of marriage that this may be where his wife would spend her final days, he was eager to learn as much as he could.

With tears in his eyes, the husband asked many questions about the medicines and care his wife would receive. Without hesitation, a member of our Family Hospice clinical staff contacted one of our medicine supply companies, getting all the information the husband needed. Our staffer reassured the young man that he would have everything just the way he wanted it for his wife.

A bit later, while visiting an empty patient room, the husband asked where the call bell light was – and proceeded to pull it. He wanted to know what kind of response time he could expect for his wife once she was admitted. Within seconds, one of our nurses came through the doorway. "I saw the call bell light up, may I help you?" she asked.

"Yes," the husband replied, "I plan on bringing my wife here today."

What our staff members did that day is all part of a day's work – but we try to never lose sight of the fact that these actions are very important to those we serve.

In my additional role of Interim CEO at Family Hospice, I realize I get to see these situations in somewhat of a new light. I'm grateful for that, as it is sure to leave me with an even greater appreciation of how we serve the community.

We remain grateful for the chance to ask families – and all we serve: "May I help you?"

Franco Insana is the Interim CEO and full-time Chief Financial Officer of Family Hospice and Palliative Care. He may be reached at finsana@familyhospice.com or (412) 572-8800. Family Hospice and Palliative Care serves nine counties in Western Pennsylvania. More information at www.FamilyHospice.com and www.facebook.com/FamilyHospicePA.

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