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Maxim Healthcare Services Set to Launch New Program for Transitioning Patients to Home Care
By Nancy Kennedy

For decades, Maxim Healthcare Services has been a highly-regarded healthcare service provider but Maxim does not rest on its laurels. As a national provider of home healthcare services, the company always seeks new ways to meet the needs of consumers, healthcare professionals and the healthcare industry, anticipating trends and solving problems, and the company is doing exactly that with an innovative new concept for patients needing home care. According to Kevin Martincek, director of business for Maxim’s Pittsburgh location, the new program, known as Maxim’s Mobilization Team, will expedite and streamline the process of setting up the home care team for newly discharged patients in need of home nursing care. Applicable to both pediatric and adult patients, the Mobilization Team program will enable families to go home with the assurance of full coverage of their home care staffing needs. This is not often the case, Martincek explains, as families at the time of discharge are often left to find staff and put together a caregiver schedule for their loved one’s home care – care that is often complex.

“This is stressful for families,” Martincek says. “They have to piecemeal a schedule together and they don’t know how to do this, so many families go home without full coverage. They end up having to do a lot of the caregiving themselves, filling in shifts and trying to find nurses. Maxim’s Mobilization Team eliminates this. We assure coverage for the first 90 days, and within that period, we are recruiting for this specific case and our mobilization nurses are gradually replaced with permanent nurses. Because we have been in there, we can train these nurses specifically to meet the needs of this patient and this family.”

The Mobilization Team consists of two leaders, Shelly Hendricks and Danielle Doerfler-Maggert, plus 14 home care nurses who are experienced and broadly skilled. When a referral is received, the team leaders visit the referring hospital, evaluate the clinical needs, meet with the family and explain the entire process to them. A one month staffing schedule is developed immediately and the Maxim staff performs all the essential preliminary work, including authorizations, coordination with the durable medical equipment company, and preparation of the home environment.

For families, this approach offers something they badly need: peace of mind. “The family can trust that they will have the home care staff to care for the patient,” Martincek says. “Trust is so important – when you’re a patient, or when you go to the doctor, you have little control over things; we want to create trust with our families so that they know they can count on us. Bringing home a child who needs oxygen, monitors or a ventilator is extremely difficult, but if you can trust that you will always have the help you need, it eases the stress considerably.”

The concept of the Mobilization Team was created in Maxim’s Pittsburgh office in 2016, and has expanded to other Maxim offices throughout the state. It is a timely strategy, as general trends indicate a growing shift from hospital-based to community-based care. “Care is definitely shifting to the home,” Martincek says. “The goal of home care is to provide excellent quality care so that re-admissions and trips to the Emergency Room are avoided.” This requires a high level of competency in the nurses, who must be able to function autonomously in a non-institutional setting. In addition, Maxim requires flexibility in the home care nurses, as they must be willing to work all three shifts, preferably full time, and possibly to travel with the patient. “The nurses have to be knowledgeable, skilled, committed to home care and reliable. Calling off is not an option, although we have float nurses for emergencies. We will train nurses and have Skill Advancement Programs if there is a specific skill they need.”

The Maxim Mobilization Team is a unique concept that has advantages for every party involved: for the patient, family, referring facility and home care team. It’s a solution to a long-standing problem in hospital discharge planning, and a relief to burdened families who are making the transition from hospital to home. With Maxim, these families make that transition across a strong, supportive bridge, with a home care program that understands their needs and meets them expertly.

For more information, call (412) 208-6438.

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