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Derrick Fluhme, MD, Named President of South Hills Orthopedic Surgery Associates
By Lois Thomson

Derrick FluhmeDerrick Fluhme, M.D., has been named President of South Hills Orthopedic Surgery Associates (SHOSA). Fluhme is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon who has been in practice with SHOSA since 2005. He is the most senior member of the group and is firmly committed to maintaining SHOSA’s high quality of care and leading the group into a very promising future. “My job as president is to see that we adhere to the highest standards. It’s an honor to be president of SHOSA; I’ve been here for 13 years, along with Christopher Manning, M.D. We started together.”

Over the years Fluhme has witnessed enormous advancements in orthopedic surgery, especially in joint replacement. Pre-operative care now receives far greater emphasis. “Patient education is paramount. We provide pre-op training so that the patient knows what to expect. Pre-op preparation includes optimizing the patient medically, getting them into the best condition possible. The screening process can reveal medical problems that must be under good control, such as diabetes, obesity or heart disease. This optimization reduces the complication rate, reduces risk of re-admission, shortens length of stay and avoids prolonged use of narcotics. It’s critical to the entire process.”

Intraoperatively, a multi-modal pain regimen greatly reduces post-op pain and facilitates early discharge and successful rehab. New technologies enable far more efficient operations with smaller incisions. “Patients are so well managed in the O.R. that their post-op course goes smoothly,” says Fluhme. “They no longer experience nausea or headaches as in the past, and we can initiate physical therapy faster.”

Fluhme says that SHOSA physicians provide state-of-the-art care. “We stay tip-of-the-spear always in order to offer our patients the latest proven practices and technologies. Orthopedics is dynamic and exciting: I can’t wait to see what’s coming next. Ten years from now, we might be re-building knees from the inside, without surgery, because of all the biologic options that are emerging. There is a lot on the horizon for SHOSA.”

Fluhme says that being honored recently by the readers of the Post-Gazette as #1 orthopedic group is very special. “At SHOSA, we’re all Pittsburghers. We could have chosen to practice anywhere, but we chose Pittsburgh because we want to help the people here. It’s always an honor to care for people and improve the quality of their lives.”

To contact South Hills Orthopedic Surgery Associates, visit www.southhillsortho.com or call (412) 283-0260.

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