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No More Accidents! How Pelvic Rehabilitation Can Help Your Child.
By Amanda Moe, PT, DPT, PRPC

It can be hard on not only children but also parents when a child is experiencing difficulty with bowel or bladder control. The cause of urinary or fecal accidents is not always easily understood and can cause embarrassment and at times behavioral changes in children. The good news is that pediatric pelvic physical therapy is a non-invasive treatment intervention for bowel and bladder dysfunction in children.

What is Pedi-Pelvic Rehabilitation?
Pediatric pelvic rehabilitation uses unique physical therapy techniques to treat disorders involving the pelvis and pelvic floor muscles that may cause bladder and bowel dysfunctions and pain. Common conditions that we treat include: urinary or fecal incontinence (leakage), day- or night-time wetting, constipation, encopresis (fecal accidents occurring as a result of constipation), urinary/fecal urgency or frequency, urinary retention, tailbone pain, groin pain, genital pain, or abdominal pain. Specifically, this type of physical therapy will look at the muscles of the pelvic girdle (including pelvic floor muscles) to determine if they are weak, tight, painful, or have the proper coordination associated with normal bowel and bladder functioning.

Treatment techniques may include pelvic floor relaxation and/or strengthening exercises, core muscle and breathing coordination exercises, manual techniques for trigger points or myofascial restrictions, behavioral training on toilet habits/hygiene/hydration, coordination training of the pelvic floor and pelvic girdle musculature, occasional use of modalities for pain control, and external biofeedback/e-stim. Pelvic floor PT with biofeedback can retrain the pelvic floor muscles to contract, relax, and bulge or “push” —techniques that are necessary to have normal bowel and bladder functioning with no accidents!

Getting Started
If your child has any type of dysfunction or pain such as discussed above, they may benefit from evaluation by our highly trained Pediatric Pelvic Physical Therapist. It is in the best interest of your child to be thoroughly evaluated by a physician to rule out potential medical conditions associated with bowel or bladder dysfunction prior to consultation at Restorations Physical Therapy.

Call (412) 206-9202 or visit RestorationsPT.com for information on how to set-up an evaluation to determine if your child would benefit from the services we provide. Restorations PT offers physical therapy for all your PT needs.

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