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Help Kids Beat the Rainy Day Blues with These 8 Mind-Body Activities
By Jenny Wise

They say, “Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain,” and this isn’t just a valuable lesson for adults but for our children too, literally and figuratively. Rainy days tend to bring out the worst in our children. More whining, “I’m bored!” More nonproductive screen time, and increased moodiness.

Instead of succumbing to rainy day blues, use one of these activities to help your kids find sunshine even when it’s dark. Each will improve their mind-body health.

  1. Conduct a science experiment
    Check out a science site like Earth Science Jr., where you and your children can make Rainbow Magic Milk. Doing science experiments together doesn’t just help develop intellectual curiosity, one of the more important outcomes, but it helps children develop skills in planning and problem solving too. Children also learn to master the art of asking appropriate questions.
  2. Exercise together
    The scary statistics are that childhood obesity has doubled in the last 30 years and shows no signs of slowing. How can you help? Your children learn by your example, so take rainy day mornings or afternoons to teach them yoga, follow along on an online child’s exercise video, have exercise challenges like who can do the most jumping jacks, or teach children how to have fun on an exercise ball.
  3. Make a healthy recipe
    As tempting as it is to want to whip up a batch of warm chocolate chip cookies, you can take a rainy day to teach your child about the importance of healthy eating by finding a fun, creative recipe that is also healthy. In addition to teaching them the value of good nutrition, according to the organization KidsHealth, cooking builds basic skills, encourages a more adventurous palate, helps children explore their senses, and helps develop a stronger sense of confidence.
  4. Act out a play
    Obviously, when you and your child spend time together dressing up to act out your favorite characters, your both tapping into your creative genius. But theater helps children in other ways too. Drama helps with cooperation, concentration, communication skills, self-confidence, memory, and empathy. Most importantly, drama can provide an emotional outlet for children
  5. Sign up for online music lessons
    Learning an instrument has plenty of great benefits. Playing an instrument can help with memory, math skills and coordination. If your child is just starting out with an instrument, search for online lessons to help keep your child engaged in something that will contribute to their practice. Whether it’s the trumpet, clarinet, or saxophone, make sure you choose the right model when shopping for an instrument. For example, if purchasing a saxophone, look at top-rated models, then search for ones tailored to students instead of professionals.
  6. Read a book together
    Foster a love for reading by having your child pick out a book you can take turns reading. They say a reader lives a thousand lives and a non-reader only one, so be sure to share those extra adventures with your child
  7. Become storytellers
    Storytelling is a skill your child will use their entire life, whether it’s on the job or at a dinner party with friends. Crafting an email even requires a bit of storytelling. You can practice storytelling with things like wordless books, impromptu string-along-stories where you start and they continue including each family member, or watch good storytellers online to show how it’s done.
  8. Play in the rain
    Yes, rainy days don’t have to be spent indoors. Provided there isn’t thunder or lightning, why not let your child outside to jump in that puddle you always yell at them to avoid? Playing in the rain even has some benefits, like calming us, giving us new perspective, and increasing acceptance. Plus it can just be fun to run around with some fun rain boots on.

Remember, rainy days don’t always have to get you down. And teaching your children how to dance in the rain is one of the most important skills you can share with them. Turning negatives into positives is a life skill everyone can use. Enjoy!

Jenny Wise is Founder, Specialhomeeducator. For more information, visit specialhomeeducator.com.

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