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A&M Healthcare Agency Provides Quality Nursing from the Heart
By Vanessa Orr

Adrienne Moon, RNWhen Adrienne Moon, RN, decided to open her own home healthcare agency, she had an advantage that many new business owners do not. She had a lot of experience helping homebound clients—both as a caretaker and as a medical professional.

Providing in-home care for her mother as well as working outside of the home as a registered nurse gave the CEO a unique opportunity to experience both ends of the spectrum. Her father, John Moon, who is the COO of A&M Healthcare Agency, had also worked in the medical field for years as the chief supervisor of the city paramedics before he retired.

A&M Healthcare Agency has been in operation since 2014, providing both medical and nonmedical in-home care services to residents ages 18 and up, including seniors. The company serves Allegheny, Beaver, Butler, Washington and Westmoreland counties.

The agency provides quality nursing from the heart that includes medication management and administration, wound care, vital signs monitoring, and diabetic therapy. It also provides a variety of nonmedical services which include assistance with activities of daily living (i.e. bathing and dressing), meal preparation, light housekeeping, food shopping, and transportation to and from appointments. A&M Healthcare Agency also provides in-home companions.
"Based on client needs, assistance is available from a minimum of two hours to 24-hour, around-the-clock care," said Moon.

"From a medical standpoint, having home health care assistance helps to increase the healing process; often, people suffer from opportunistic infections outside of a home environment," she explained. "Being at home, around family, improves clients' emotional well-being.

"Home is a safe haven, and our goal is to help our clients remain independent and in a familiar home environment," she added. In addition to the peace of mind that comes from being in one's own home, clients also take comfort in the fact that their needs are being taken care of by experienced, empathetic caregivers.

"You don't find a lot of home health care agencies owned by a nurse, and I go out and do medical visits along with my staff. It gives me the opportunity to develop a rapport with our patients individually," said Moon.

"By visiting with our clients personally, I become familiar with their needs so I can find them a good fit," she added. "I'll sometimes bring a staff member into a client's home for a one-on-one interview with them to ensure a level of comfortability."

A&M Healthcare Agency attempts to keep the same staff members with the same client for as long as possible—not only does it help build relationships, but it also provides a comfort level for those clients with dementia who benefit from seeing the same person on a regular basis. Before any caregivers are placed with clients, they receive in-office training and are required to pass a competency exam. They must also perform their duties successfully in front of A&M's client services coordinator.

Most of the agency's clients are referrals from social workers, service coordinators and physicians. "Word-of-mouth is also an important component of our business," said Moon.

A&M Healthcare Agency participates in a variety of home and community-based waiver programs as well as the Veterans Assist Program. To learn more, call 412-793-3705 or visit www.am-hcagency.org.

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