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What if it isn’t Stress?
By Diana Fletcher

I recently had a situation that brought me up short.
A few years ago, getting routine blood work, my doctor spotted a thyroid issue. Hypothyroidism to be exact.
I was surprised and a little alarmed because this requires medication. But, learning about the importance of the thyroid, I was grateful that I could avoid future problems.
I was told to have blood work done every 4-6 months to check med dosage.
Flash forward to last summer. I had blood work in May and everything was normal as far as dosage, etc.
Half way through the summer, I noticed I was tired more than my normal “I-work-hard-tired.”
My appetite was changing and I was eating a lot more. I thought it might be connected to a change in my workouts because of a shoulder injury.
Watching the television show, House, one night about 5 weeks ago, there was a situation (as usual), with a patient, and they finally diagnosed hypothyroidism. Light bulb!!! It was probably my thyroid!
The next day I had blood work done; my medication did indeed have to be increased. It took about 4 weeks, but I feel really good right now.
I knew something was wrong, but kept trying to figure it out myself, and went through some unnecessary problems waiting too long to get help.
Note: There is also a danger of Hyperthroidism. (This is the production of too much thyroid hormone.)
I am not saying that you need to run to the doctor every time you have an ache or pain, but listen to your body. It is trying to communicate with you all the time. Take the time to listen and pay attention.

Signs you may have a thyroid issue:
(I have included symptoms for Hyper and Hypo)
· Muscle and Joint Pain
· Neck discomfort/enlargement
· Hair/Skin Changes
· Bowel Problems
· Menstrual Irregularity/Fertility Problems/Decreased Libido
· Family History
· Cholesterol Issues (*When I was first diagnosed with hypothroidism, my cholesterol went up for the first time in my life!)
· Depression/Anxiety) Irritability
· Weight Changes
· Fatigue/Weakness
· Cold Intolerance
· Difficulty Concentrating
· Nervousness/Restlessness
· Increased Sweating

Diana Fletcher is the Stress Reducing Expert. For free stress reducing tips, visit her website at www.dianafletcher.com. To read more of her articles, check out her blog on her site. Contact Diana at (412) 612-5977 or lifecoach@dianafletcher.com.

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